Board member boot camp

Mon, June 17, 2019

Whitman College

A special one-day training for land trust board members

9:00am - 6:00pm | Limited to 60 board members | $120


Mon, June 17, 2019

$60-$70 plus processing fees.


10:00am - 4:00pm | Limited to 18 people | Transportation and lunch provided
Join biologist, author, and educator Mike Denny on a hiking tour through the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains occupy almost 4,000 square miles of eastern Oregon and Washington, and were named by settlers for the blue-hued conifers that line their ridges. Together we will travel to Target Meadows located in the scenic Umatilla National Forest to learn about the natural history of these mountains. Learn about the native plants, birds, and wildlife that make their home here.

Conservation Innovation Tour

1:00pm-5:00pm | Limited to 35 people | Transportation included
Innovative partnerships are what drive important conservation outcomes in the working agricultural landscapes of the Blue Mountains. In this afternoon tour, we will visit an important riparian restoration site with the Tri-State Steelheaders, tour an innovative local farm with the Walla Walla County Conservation District, and converse with the Washington Water Trust and Mainstem Malt about their work to preserve in-streams flows. Enjoy a cold beer, made specially with local malt for this occasion!

Paddle Through Time (SOLD OUT!)

1:00pm-6:00pm | Limited to 10 people | Transportation, SUP, & kayak gear provided
Spend the afternoon paddling up the lower Palouse River on a stand-up paddle board or kayak and learn about the unique geology and human history of this deep river canyon. The paddle will begin at Lyons Ferry State Park located on the confluence of the Snake and Palouse Rivers. Before entering the water, AdventureFit will provide instruction on how to stand-up paddle board and kayak. A local geologist and naturalist will guide us up the lower Palouse River to the Marmes Rockshelter, a cave dwelling that was discovered to contain human bones dating to 10,000 years in 1962. 

Keynote Speakers


Michelle J. DePass | President & CEO, Meyer memorial trust

Opening Speaker - June 18
Michelle is president and chief executive officer of Meyer Memorial Trust and a nationally-recognized leader at the intersection of social, economic and environmental justice. She is passionate about her commitment to the ongoing struggles of women, people of color, indigenous communities, LGBTQ+ people and people with disabilities to overcome the structural and historical barriers to social and political equality and economic justice. Michelle was an early leader in the environmental justice movement, and throughout her career she’s been an influential voice for equity and social justice in the governmental, academic, philanthropic and nonprofit arenas. She served in the Obama administration as assistant administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as a program officer at the Ford Foundation and, prior to Meyer, as dean of the Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy at The New School in New York and director of The New School's Tishman Environment and Design Center, inspiring and educating the next generation of environmental and social justice leaders. Michelle has brought principles of equity, diversity and inclusion to the table in all her past endeavors and is excited to build on these experiences in Oregon with her incredibly talented and dedicated colleagues at Meyer.


Chuck Sams | Communications Director, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Closing Speaker - June 20
Chuck is Cayuse, Walla Walla, Cocopah, and Yankton Sioux. He grew up on the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Northeast Oregon. Chuck currently serves as the Communications Director for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR). Prior positions include Interim Executive and Deputy Executive Director for the CTUIR, Environmental Health and Safety Officer/Planner in the Tribal Planning Office for the CTUIR, President/Chief Executive Officer of Indian Country Conservancy, Executive Director for the Umatilla Tribal Community Foundation, and National Director of the Tribal & Native Lands Program for the Trust for Public Land. Chuck has worked in the non- profit natural resource management field for over 25 years. He serves as Chairman to the Oregon Cultural Trust, Gray Family Foundation, advisor to the Confluence Project and Columbia Land Trust. Chuck holds a bachelor of science in business administration from Concordia University. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy where he served as an intelligence specialist.

Land Camp General Session

Tue, June 18 -
Thu, June 20, 2019

Whitman College

Communications & Outreach Workshops

  • Creative Connections: Innovative programs to make conservation engaging
    Cami Murray, Kaniksu Land Trust; Jaime Jovanovich-Walker, Palouse Land Trust
    Download Presentation

  • Getting Started With Google Ad Grants: Unlocking Free Online Advertising For Your Nonprofit
    Michael Rasko, Rasko Digital Marketing
    Download Presentation

  • How Land Trusts Can Promote Healthy Communities in a Healthy Environment
    Michael Pope, Greenbelt Land Trust; Tatiana Dierwechter, Benton County Health Dept.

  • Laser Focused: Reach The Right People With Your Digital Engagement Campaigns
    Molly Goren, PCC Farmland Trust
    Download Presentation

  • Lightbulb to Final Cut - Raise More Money through Video Storytelling
    Jill Clark, Whatcom Land Trust; Karen Parker, Whatcom Land Trust
    Download Presentation

  • Nature in the Instagram Age
    Jay Kosa, Columbia Land Trust
    Download Presentation

  • Storytelling Slam: Transform Your Communications Through Storytelling
    Elizabeth Ward, Land Trust Alliance

  • Stronger Together: Why and How Government Relations and Communications
    Can Work Together

    Elizabeth Ward, Land Trust Alliance; Lori Faeth, Land Trust Alliance

  • Who Cares: Regional and National Attitudes toward Land Trusts and Conservation
    Elizabeth Ward, Land Trust Alliance; Jen Newlin, Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts
    Download Jen Newlin’s Presentation

  • Youth Education and Programming for Kids
    Brenna Thompson, Great Peninsula Conservancy; Lauren Platman, Blue Mountain Land Trust; Dave Winter, Capitol Land Trust; Megan Garvey, The Wetlands Conservancy
    Download Brenna Thompson’s Presentation
    Download Megan Garvey’s Presentation
    Download Lauren Platmans’ Presentation

Development & POLICY Workshops

  • ACEP-ALE and the 2018 Farm Bill
    Dave Kreft, Bari Williams, Natural Resources Conservation Service
    Download Presentation

  • Creating Capital Campaigns
    David Allen, Development for Conservation; Laura Hartner, Skagit Land Trust; Liz Lawrence, McKenzie River Trust

  • Developing Effective and Inspiring Data: Make Your Database Work Harder So You Don't Have To
    Natali Terreri, PCC Farmland Trust; Jaime Jovanovich-Walker, Palouse Land Trust
    Download Presentation

  • Fundraising for a Small Shop
    Dianne Alves, Fresh Take Consulting

  • Getting Your Feet Wet, Clean Water Funding For Land Conservation: Planning, Policy and Payments
    Caitlin Guthrie, The Conservation Fund; Sara Loreno, Ecotrust; Lizzie Marsters, Ecotrust; Max Webster, Washington Environmental Council
    Download Presentation

  • Impact Investing - Landmine or Goldmine? (Everything you need to know!)
    Reggie Hall, The Conservation Fund; Carl Palmer, LegacyWorks Group
    Download Presentation

  • Incorporating Climate Change Resilience, Mitigation, and Carbon Finance into Planning and Decision Making Processes
    Julius Pasay, The Climate Trust; Duncan Greene, Van Ness Feldman LLP, Attorney at Law; T.C. Richmond, Van Ness Feldman LLP, Attorney at Law; Tim McHarg, Van Ness Feldman LLP, Senior Land Use Planner, AICP
    Download Tim McHarg’s Presentation

  • Inspire Local Businesses To Invest In The Place They LIVE, WORK And PLAY!
    Brandi Crawford Ferguson, McKenzie River Trust; Jill Clark, Whatcom Land Trust; Alejandro Orizola, Forest Park Conservancy
    Download Jill Clark’s Presentation
    Download Alejandro Orizola’s Presentation

  • Internal Revenue Service Whack A Mole: IRS threats to conservation, what we can do to stop them, and how we identify and tackle new challenges
    Lori Faeth, Land Trust Alliance; Konrad Liegel, Konrad J Liegel, Attorney-At-Law, PLLC

  • Starting a Year-Round Membership Renewal Program
    Jana Hemphill, Deschutes Land Trust
    Download Presentation

Organizational Strength WorksHops

  • Breaking Down Silos - Building Cultures of Communication
    Jodi Lemmer, McKenzie River Trust; Ian Sinks, Cherie Kearney, Columbia Land Trust; Erik Kingfisher, Sarah Spaeth, Jefferson Land Trust; Katie Voelke, North Coast Land Conservancy

  • How To Fail At Equity (And Eventually Succeed)
    Jay Kosa, Columbia Land Trust; Dez Ramirez, Columbia Land Trust
    Download Presentation

  • Incorporating Climate Change and Resilience into Planning and Decision
    Making Processes
    Julius Pasay, The Climate Trust, Forest and Grassland Asset Manager; Duncan Greene, Van Ness Feldman LLP, Attorney at Law; T.C. Richmond, Van Ness Feldman LLP, Attorney at Law

  • Holistic Business Strategy for Resilient Organizations
    Scott Schaffer, Public Interest Management Group; Jessica McDonald, Greenbelt Land Trust
    Download Presentation

  • Recruitment and Hiring with an Equity Lens
    Sarah Mowry, Deschutes Land Trust; Dan Roix, Columbia Land Trust
    Download Presentation
    Download Supplemental Information

  • Strategies for Recruiting the Board You Need and Will Need
    David Allen, Development for Conservation


  • 49 Things You Should Know About Acquiring Fee or C.E. Interests
    Thom Woodruff, Capitol Land Trust

  • Approaching Tribal Partnerships in Conservation & Stewardship
    Noel Plemmons, Columbia Land Trust; Kathleen Ackley, Wallowa Land Trust; Tony Johnson, Chairman of the Chinook Nation; Rodney Cawston, Chairman of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation
    Download Presentation

  • Creating a Resilient Landscape: Tools for Climate-Resilient Land Protection
    Owen Wozniak, Land Trust Alliance; Bob Unnasch, The Nature Conservancy; Jennifer Axelrod, FLO Analytics
    Download Presentation

  • Community Science Working for Land Managers
    Megan Garvey, The Wetlands Conservancy; Katy Weil, Metro Parks and Nature; Holly McRae, McKenzie River Trust
    Download Presentation

  • Farms, Finance, & Conservation in the Pacific Northwest
    Hannah Clark, American Farmland Trust; Brad Hunter, Craft3; Jonathan Bailey, Northwest Farm Credit; Robin Fay, PCC Farmland Trust; Reggie Hall, The Conservation Fund; Dave Kreft, Natural Resources Conservation Service
    Download Robin Fay’s Presentation

  • Forest Legacy Program: Opportunities for Productive Land Trust Engagement
    Brad Siemens, USDA Forest Service; Julie Armbruster, Washington Department of Natural Resources; Amy Singh, Oregon Department of Forestry.
    Download Brad Siemen’s Presentation
    Download Julie Armbruster’s Presentation

  • How To Craft Your Land Trust’s Climate Change Strategy
    Fiona Noonan, Deschutes Land Trust
    Download Presentation

  • Most Good Deeds Go Unpunished: The Importance of Title Review in Land Protection
    William F. "Fritz" Paulus, Attorney at Law
    Download Presentation

  • New Frontiers of Farmland Conservation–Expanding The Impact of Farmland
    Protection Efforts

    Megan Jenny, PCC Farmland Trust; Rusty Milholland PCC Farmland Trust; Stephanie Tavares-Buhler, Marin Agricultural Land Trust, Matt Shipkey, East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District; Nellie McAdams, Rogue Farm Corps
    Download Nellie McAdams’ Presentation
    Download Matt Shipkey’s Presentation

  • The Nexus Between Land Trusts/Conservancies, Water, Wetland and Water Resource Management Agencies
    Esther Lev, The Wetlands Conservancy; Carol Murdock, Clean Water Services

  • Not All Land Trusts Are Created Equal: Learning Lessons from an IRS Revocation
    Konrad Liegel, Konrad J Liegel, Attorney-At-Law, PLLC; Andrew Zellers, Pacifica Law Group

  • Revitalizing Your Easement Template - Why to overhaul aging easement language
    and how to do so

    Konrad Liegel, Konrad J Liegel, Attorney-At-Law, PLLC; Kari Odden, Skagit Land Trust; Molly Doran, Land Trust Accreditation Commission
    Download Presentation Notes

  • Sea Level Rise vs Shoreline Homes: Who Wins?
    Tom Dean, Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust
    Download Presentation

  • The Skookum Creek Watershed Protection Campaign: Integrating Conservation
    and Stewardship
    Gabe Epperson, Whatcom Land Trust; Jennifer Mackey, Whatcom Land Trust
    Download Presentation

  • Using Large-Scale Spatial Data And GIS To Plan And Evaluate Land Conservation
    Nathan Welch, The Nature Conservancy in Idaho
    Download Presentation

  • Water Right Basics and Land Acquisitions: Simplifying Complexity
    Justin Bezold, Trout Unlimited; Peter Dykstra, Plauche & Carr LLP; Natasha Bellis, Deschutes River Conservancy; Caylin Barter, Jordan Ramis PC, Michelle Smith, solo practitioner
    Download Peter Dykstra’s Presentation
    Download Michelle Smith’s Presentation
    Download Caylin Barter’s Presentation

  • Working Forest Conservation Easements: Who, What, Where, When, & Why
    Connie Best, Pacific Forest Trust; Cherie Kearney, Columbia Land Trust

Stewardship Workshops

  • Conservation Easements 101 & Stewardship Conundrums
    Adam Draper, Draper Law PLLC

  • Easement Disputes and Violations: Prevention and Cure
    Dean Dougherty, San Juan Preservation Trust; Chris Fryefield, Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts, Attorney

  • Engaging Volunteers as Stewardship Leaders
    Elizabeth Goward, McKenzie River Trust; Carrie Clendaniel, Jefferson Land Trust
    Download Presentation

  • Facilitating Sustainable and Equitable Public Access: The Purpose, Potential, and
    Pitfalls of Recreational Immunity

    Steve Cook, Columbia Land Trust; Alanna Peterson, Pacifica Law Group

  • Land Conservation Databases: Rewards and Realities
    Caleb Pourchot, Landscape; Jennifer Zarnoch, Columbia Land Trust; Erik Kingfisher, Jefferson Land Trust; Jessica Larson, Whidbey Camano Land Trust; Amanda Egertson, Deschutes Land Trust

    Download Jessica Larson’s Presentation
    Download Jennifer Zarnoch’s Presentation

  • Lessons Learned from Land-Trust Forestry
    Kirk Hanson, Northwest Natural Resource Group; Melissa Reich, North Coast Land Conservancy; Joe Kane, Nisqually Land Trust
    Download Melissa Reich’s Presentation
    Download Kirk Hanson’s Presentation
    Download Joe Kane’s Presentation

Additional WORKSHOPS

  • Big Wild Working Blues: An enduring Conservation Vision for the Blue Mountains Ecoregion
    David Mildrexler, PhD, Eastern Oregon Legacy Lands; James Monteith, Eastern Oregon Legacy Lands

  • Land Trusts and RCO: Successful Partnerships
    Alison Greene, Alice Rubin, WA Recreation and Conservation Office

  • Navigating The Politics Of Conservation & Protection: Current National Trends, Upcoming Opportunities & Effective Advocacy Strategies
    Cathy Baker, Nav Dayanand, The Nature Conservancy

  • The Restoration and Conservation of the Lower Snake River
    Lin Laughy, Advocates for the West; Debra Ellers, North Olympic Orca Pod Founder; Rick Rupp, Retired Business Owner and Former Land Trust President
    Download Presentation